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“I can dance. But there’s a time and place for that. And I don’t think that it was then and there.” ~Derrick Rose

Please, I’m assuming he thinks the right time to dance is probably around the same time as when he was supposed to legitimately be taking the SAT’s in high school —you know, never— to qualify for college?

Get over yourself DRose, it was All-Star intros. You were there to have fun & entertain the fans, not pretend like you just had a root canal done.

I also don’t want to hear that he’s some kind of stone-cold assassin. Just stop it. He’s the reigning MVP, right? His own head coach was running the East squad last night, right? Then why didn’t he have him on the court at the end of the game? Wouldn’t that have been “the time & place” to prove you’re all business when it comes to playing ball, even if it was just an exhibition game? Wouldn’t the final 10 seconds or so have been the proper, “then & there”, for a serious dude like DRose?

I saw Rondo & D-Will at the point, both scoring & facilitating, during the comeback in the 4th qtr. Where was Rose, the best PG in the game, hell, THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in ‘11-‘12, after the 4:00 mark of the 3rd qtr.?

My bad, he must have been too busy “caring” over on the bench.


Rose was on the bench because he and Coach Thibs care more about staying fresh for the rest of the season then risking injury (when he was just out a handful games with a bad back) in a meaningless exhibition.

No clue who you’re a fan of, but somehow I don’t think you would have criticized Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc. for not want to dance like a moron with four of his most hated rivals.

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    Hahaha Rose kept it straight G at the all-star game. Meanwhile…
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    LeBron usly as hell boy!
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    This isn’t tattoo related, but damn. I felt burned by that and I agree with the retort 100%. Well put, dude. Well...
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    tl;dr: “D. rose didn’t dance for me on TV and now I think that he’s a selfish player ;_;” shut up
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